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What Is the One Thing Keeping You from Being a Poet?

The whole world is kept afloat
by this year’s slightly stronger fibers.
Civilization is a raised-bed of paranoia.

Tongs as long as your fingers intercept the skies—
visions of God and sailors on the Caspian Sea dissolve
in the blankness of commerce.
We are startling free, shocked by time
while a hundred blacksmiths
recapitulate the 8 Ball
and become an origami club.

I’d like to become an archway.
I’d like to become a lady’s fan in Molière’s plays.

In the entire world there is only one defect:
celebrations without kelp.
Inebriated, the child
serves us poems cold.

Facing the other side of the Infinity Wall,
you fly around the room every ninety seconds
and fall down like stereo leaves.

art by Karen Constance paintings and collage

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I get scared you’ll leave me soon
Even though we call each other every afternoon
It’s true

has there ever been another song this sad?

“Cheap” by Megan Cooper

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Algernon Cadwallader | Spring Leaks

I’m not hugging you no more because you hug back like a cactus.

“I leave before being left. I decide”

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I have never felt as empty as I feel today

Even when the moment’s beauty fades in and away.

That’s all it is. A moment.

Why do I feel like Joyce manor is one of those “hey woman deserve basic rights I’m a guy who believes that make me feel good about it!!” guys. I don’t really know how I feel about this whole thing, I feel like he’s becoming an entitled rockstar with all of the publicity he gains. I remember seeing him last year and he stopped singing during constant headache because he didn’t like that we were crowding around him to sing the lyrics. No one even stage dived or anything of the sort. He just didn’t like that we surrounded the mic.

Also, I really hate that people say “woman can’t handle that violent environment” “I should be able to enjoy bands without getting hurt” ok. Being a woman should have absolutely nothing to do with how you carry yourself at a show. When I was 14 and much much tinier I would get involved in every way I could at shows, I did it all at my own risk and I loved every scar and bruise. Now that I’m older I don’t really care about getting involved and I’ll just watch and listen. But the thing is, me being a woman never prevented me from doing what I wanted physically at a show.

Although you should be able to enjoy yourself at a show without getting hurt, you will get hurt. Not because anyone is targeting you, but because some people love getting physical at shows, that’s how they get it out. Shows are some peoples places to get away from the world, with no rules and regulations. It sucks that people want to make it a “rule” or “courtesy” to not stage dive or mosh if you are heavier. Are you just supposed to stand there and wish you were thinner so you could enjoy yourself? Stop. People swear like we don’t have a natural instinct to dodge the chaos of flying limbs and bodies. Those are my two cents, sorry bout it.



Brought to you by the Che Cafe Collective, a ☀FREE☀ 2 day event!

This is about creating safe(r), welcoming and comfortable spaces for everyone that support, showcase & celebrate queer, trans* folx, womyn, grrrls, genderqueer & gender non-conforming artists, activists & allies!

We would like to bring like-minded individuals together, to create lasting connections within our community, to provide an alternative to the heteronormative/cisnormative campus culture, to introduce students to radical politics and to our space, to take space within our community and to encourage a more intersectional feminist identity within our community.





Everyone who lives in the San Diego area should go to this event at the Che Cafe. A lot of people have worked there butts off organizing this and it should be really fun!

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